"His head's gone. It's like he's been erased."
"Erased from existence."
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This article is about the deceased George McFly of 1985A. You may be looking for his 1985 counterpart.

George McFly's murder is reported in the Hill Valley Telegraph.

Red handed newspaper

The Hill Valley Telegraph reports Red the Bum's arrest for George McFly's murder in 1973A.

" Doc waved Marty over to the one table left standing [in the trashed lab], and the large and heavy bound volume open there. As Marty brought his candle close to the pages, he realized this was one of those bound collections of newspapers — the kind you sometimes found in libraries. / The book was open to the local Hill Valley paper, dated March 16, 1973, the day after his father died. / Marty stared at the headline: / GEORGE McFLY MURDERED! / And in smaller type below: / Author Shot Dead in Apparent Holdup / En Route to Receive Book Award! / Police Baffled, Search for Witnesses! "
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, pages 122 and 123)
"George McFly, local author and professor, was shot dead last night en route to an award dinner by the Hill Valley Civic Committee. McFly, who was to receive an award, was found dead in an alley 2 blocks from the HV Community Center at 9:35 p.m. by police. There were no witnesses. Police speculate that robbery was the motive as McFly's wallet was missing. McFly, a lifelong resident of Hill Valley, had long been a civic activist against the policies of BiffCo. He is survived by his wife, Lorraine, and their three children, David, Linda and Martin. Funeral arrangements have not yet been made. "
—"GEORGE McFLY MURDERED / Local Author Shot Dead", Hill Valley Telegraph, March 16, 1973

George McFly, in the timeline where Biff Tannen controlled Hill Valley, was the husband of Lorraine Baines McFly, before she was widowed and forced to marry Biff Tannen.


In 1973, George McFly, Goldie Wilson, Stanford S. Strickland, the editor of the Hill Valley Telegraph, Mark Dixon, and three other individuals turned the Hill Valley Civic Committee into a secret organization, to protest BiffCo, which Biff Tannen was using to further his own interests.

George was secretly murdered by Biff in an alleyway on March 15, 1973, as reported on the front page of the following day's issue of the Hill Valley Telegraph, while en route to receive a book award. He was buried in Oak Park Cemetery.

Biff had one of the members of the Hill Valley Police Department, which he owned in this timeline, plant George's wallet on Red the Bum, thus framing him for George's murder and resulting in the innocent vagrant being arrested and charged.

Dr. Emmett Brown showed Marty McFly the story of George's death in one of the bound collections of newspapers he had taken from the closed and boarded-up Hill Valley Public Library.

After Marty burned the Grays Sports Almanac in 1955, this nightmarish timeline was overwritten by 1985B and the aforementioned events never happened.

Behind the scenes[]

  • On page 123 of Craig Shaw Gardner's novelization (see first Quote above), a misprint resulted in the first word of the line En Route to Receive Book Award! reading the grammatically incorrect 'Enroute' instead. This error has been corrected here.