George McFly wearing glasses in 1985.

Glasses, also known as eyeglasses or spectacles, were lenses set in a frame worn on the face to correct defective eyesight.


Notable glasses wearers were:

  • Daniel Clayton, father of Clara Clayton.
  • George McFly in 1985 before history was rewritten. In the improved present, he appeared to wear contact lenses. The black and white photograph on the back cover of George's novel A Match Made in Space depicted him wearing glasses — possibly the same pair he was asking Lorraine about when Marty arrived home from his trip to 1885: “I can't find my other glasses. Lorraine, have you seen my glasses?” His counterpart in 1986G also wore glasses.
  • Linda McFly in 1985 before history was rewritten, whose glasses had thick lenses. Like George, in the improved present she appeared to wear contact lenses instead.
  • The barbwire salesman in 1885, whose glasses were of the wire-rimmed kind.
  • Benjamin Franklin, scientist of the 1700s who discovered electricity.

Note: The above listing refers only to standard glasses, therefore other types seen ― such as George's sunglasses in the improved 1985, Marty Jr. and Marlene's video glasses from 2015; and 3-D's 3-D glasses from 1955 and 1985A etc. — have not been included.


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