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Goodman Horacio Tannen
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Hair colorBrown
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Voiced byThomas F. Wilson

Goodman Horacio "Horace" Tannen was a Puritan and the local trash man for Salem, Massachusetts in 1692.


This Tannen had one daughter, Mercy Tannen, whom Marty McFly became interested in upon seeing her. However once knowing who her father was, he backed down. Due to Marty's strange antics and sayings, Mercy, Goodman Tannen, and the townsfolk looked at "the stranger" with disdain. After Marty played his harmonica, Tannen and the townsfolk deemed him a witch and prepared to forgo the water test.

After Marty presumably drowned in the water test, they believed that he was innocent and ceased their ways, with Goodman Tannen assumed to follow along.

Behind the scenes[]

  • 'Goodman' is an archaic title rather than a name.