Hal's Bike Shop, which can be seen in front of the manure truck.

"Dead ahead was the T of the intersection and Main Street, with the display window of Hal's Bike Shop directly in their path. Biff decided to drive Marty [on his makeshift skateboard, holding on to the front of Biff's car] right through the glass rather than fool with him any longer. If worse came to worst, he would simply tell the judge that his brakes had failed."
—From Back to the Future by George Gipe (quote, page 179)

Hal's Bike Shop was a bicycle dealership located at the intersection of Hill Street and Main Street in downtown Hill Valley in 1955.


The dealership sold Schwinn bicycles, and the business apparently evolved to sell wheeled machinery to the general public.

By 1985, the same location was Hog Heaven, selling motorcycles, and in 2015, The Bot Shoppe, which apparently specialized in robots.

George McFly's bicycle was a Schwinn bike, which he probably bought at Hal's Bike Shop.


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