Haysville was a town located near Hill Valley in 1876.


According to the railroad map, it was located to the southeast of Hill Valley along the railroad and at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

On September 3, 1885, Marshal James Strickland had left Hill Valley to go to Haysville to witness the hanging of Stinky Lomax. A sign on his office door informed the townsfolk of his absence: GONE TO HAYSVILLE FOR HANGING OF STINKY LOMAX.

The town received their news from the Haysville Herald. In the 1931B timeline, the front page of the Haysville Herald on July 17 detailed Hill Valley being destroyed by a fire on July 14.

In 1931B, William McFly worked for Haysville Mercantile Deliveries (established in 1905A), instead of Hill Valley Mercantile Deliveries. According to William, it was 25 miles from the former location of Hill Valley.


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