Ift assistant
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Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBrown
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Played byDarlene Vogel
"Hello, and thanks for coming to the Institute of Future Technology. On behalf of Dr. Emmett Brown, Institute founder and Chief Inventive Officer, we hope that you have a very pleasant visit."
—Heather welcomes the time travel volunteers
"We ask that you follow these simple safety tips during your journey across the space-time continuum. Enjoy your flight."
—Heather's closing speech to the time travel volunteers

Heather was the receptionist at Dr. Emmett Brown's Institute of Future Technology in 1991.


Heather welcomed the time travel volunteers — i.e. park guests — to the Institute via video screens and made various other announcements during the course of the visit, as well as introducing the safety tips for traveling in the 8-passenger DeLorean (which were demonstrated via a short film by actors dressed as crash test dummies, and narrated by a male announcer's voice) and telling the volunteers to enjoy their flight across the space-time continuum.

For her on-screen appearances, Heather wore a short-sleeved orange jacket, with a large metal hexagon-shaped pin bearing the Institute's pyramid logo on her right lapel.

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