Hell Valley

Someone has crudely altered the "I" in Hill Valley's greeting sign so it reads "HELL VALLEY" instead.

"He [Marty] walked past the "Hill Valley - A Nice Place to Live" sign. It was riddled with bullet holes."
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 107)
Marty: "It's like we're in Hell or something!"
Doc: "No, it's Hill Valley, although I can't imagine Hell being much worse."
Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown in 1985A

"Hell Valley" was an alternate name for Hill Valley in the nightmarish alternate timeline where Biff Tannen had used the Grays Sports Almanac to amass a fortune by successfully betting on sporting events and now controlled the city, turning it into a crime-infested place where criminals and biker gangs made their home.

The greeting sign was defaced with spray paint and crudely altered to this name, as well as having been riddled with bullet holes and knocked to the ground.

Marty also likened being in 1985A to Hell. Ironically, the center of this particular hell was called "Paradise".

Behind the scenes

  • 1985A was the only alternate timeline that was named on-screen — a designation that was given by Doc as part of a diagram drawn on a blackboard in his trashed lab to explain to Marty about the timeline having been skewed.
  • Tom Wilson, the actor who portrayed Biff in the Back to the Future trilogy, stated that this timeline was referred to as "Biffhorrific" by the cast and crew of Back to the Future Part II.[1]
  • In the novelization, the Hill Valley greeting sign would appear to be still upright, as it is described only as being riddled with bullet holes (see first Quote above); nowhere does it say that the sign has been knocked to the ground.
  • This timeline also encompasses 1955B, 1970A, 1971A, 1972A, 1979A, and 2015C.



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