Marty says "Hi-yo, Silver" to the DeLorean time machine before accelerating to 88 miles per hour.

" He [Marty] glanced in the rear-view mirror. He could see the flux capacitor start to glow. / This really was it. / He heard three sonic booms, saw three flashes of white light. / "Hi yo, Silver," Marty whispered as he vanished into the past. "
— From Back to the Future by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 37)
"Hi-yo, Silver."
—Marty, to the DeLorean time machine.

"Hi-yo Silver" was the command often given by the Lone Ranger to his horse Silver to urge him to break into a fast gallop, in the Western radio and television series The Lone Ranger.


At the Pohatchee Drive-In Theatre in 1955, Marty McFly whispered the same command to the DeLorean time machine, imitating the Lone Ranger, as he prepared to accelerate fast enough to travel to the Old West. As Marty drove past him, Dr. Emmett Brown shouted another Western film quote, "Happy Trails, Marty!"


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