" "The weather forecast for this evening, Hill Valley and vicinity... lots of cold wind out of the southeast, generally clear and brisk... Down at the airport, they're predicting a bit of a thundershower, although it seems awfully late in the year for that... Consensus with the United States Weather Service seems to be that it'll be getting colder with temperatures dropping to about forty-five tonight but nothing worse... So have a nice evening. Now back to Bill Sharp, who's gonna give us fifty-five minutes of Eddie Fisher and Patti Page..." / The sounds emanating from the radio of Doc Brown's Packard were heard only by the few Hill Valley residents who passed his car early on Saturday morning. Doc Brown himself was standing on a ladder at the corner of 2nd and Main Streets, connecting the paddle plug end of a cable to an extension cord tied to a lamp post. "
—From Back to the Future by George Gipe (quote, page 193 and 194)

The Hill Valley Airport was an airport in 1955 Hill Valley. It had a weather station that reported the forecast of a thundershower on November 12, though the radio announcer felt it was awfully late in the year for that, which later turned out to be incorrect.

The official weather reported in conjunction with the U.S. Weather Service for Hill Valley on Saturday evening was cold and clear with a low reaching 45°.

It is unclear how this airport relates to future airports such as the Hill Valley International Vector Port, it is possible that hover conversion led to rapid-takeoff aircraft by 2015 and Hill Valley's urbanization led to international flights for commuters.

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