The Hill Valley Code was the series of regulations and ordinances enforced on the people of Hill Valley in 1986G. Violating these codes resulted in the issuing of demerits to the citizen in violation.

Examples of some violations included damaging city property,[1] Public Displays of Affection (PDAs) such as "necking", possession of dogs or other dangerous animals, possession of contraband, not wearing the proper attire for the day of the week, and profanity.

Specific codes included C-64 (destruction of public property), 357-K (unmuzzling of a dangerous animal), 476-D (open mouths and French kissing), SCR-300 (false report), 180-1B (possession of alcoholic substance), CZ-36 (dust mite infestation), Ordinance 9-EEE and WB-174.

Violators of the code were first demerited, and if no improvement occurred, they were detained and sent to First Citizen Brown. Marty McFly of the normal timeline committed several violations in succession, receiving over 15,000 demerits in less than 24 hours, and was sent to Brown's office in the Hill Valley Courthouse. Biff Tannen was enrolled in the Citizen Plus Program and underwent brainwashing by Brown's wife Edna Strickland via the use of a wristwatch.



  1. In "Citizen Brown", this is demonstrated if the player uses the tire iron to pry the city gate door open, or messing around with the statue (except for providing cover for Lorraine to have a drink).