Hill Valley Community Services

Hill Valley Community Services (also referred to as Hill Valley Social Services or The Hill Valley Department of Social Services) was a website developed by Secret Cinema for attendees of the Secret Cinema Presents Back to the Future event which took place at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford near London, England between July and August 2014.


Ticket holders of the event were asked to register their details on the site, where they would be assigned an identity, name, address, telephone number and occupation. Once assigned an identity, the new Hill Valley residents were then asked to print out their business or school identity cards and participate in a number of different tasks leading up to and during the event.

In addition to fictional news stories provided by the Hill Valley Telegraph, the site also linked to other web pages and sites that had been created for the event.

Hill Valley Telephone Exchange

The website also provided access to the Hill Valley Telephone Exchange personal messaging service where registered ticket holders were able to listen to audio messages left for them by other attendees and characters of the movie.

The Hill Valley Phone Book 1955 page listed the names, addresses, and telephone numbers that were assigned to attendees, as well as the names, addresses and telephone numbers of key characters and businesses from the movie.

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