The Hill Valley Payroll Substation was a financial institution on 8th Street in Hill Valley in 2015.


On October 22, Griff Tannen and his gang coerced Marty McFly, Jr. to help them rob the facility, with the aid of a stolen degaussing unit, but distanced themselves from the crime when Marty Jr. was caught in the act. Marty Jr. was subsequently tried in a data-court and sentenced for fifteen years at the State Penitentiary. His sister Marlene attempted to break him out of jail, but was also caught, and sentenced to twenty years in prison.

Dr. Emmett Brown, visiting from 1985 in his DeLorean time machine, found out about this and brought the 1985 Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker to 2015. Marty took his son's place and stood up to Griff. After a hoverboard chase around Courthouse Square, which resulted in Griff and his gang being jailed for reckless hoverboarding after they crashed into the Courthouse Mall, the original events of this date changed and the payroll substation robbery never took place.

Behind the scenes[]

  • On USA Today's special October 22, 2015 wrap, the payroll substation is mentioned as being located on 9th Street instead. However, this could simply be a misprint.