Hill Valley Railway Station

Clara Clayton waiting at the station.

"Marty squinted. Was there something up ahead? He'd seen hallucinations before — pools of water that weren't really there, trees and houses that turned out to be rocks and boulders. Marty walked a little faster. This was the first hallucination that had a hanging sign — a sign that read HILL VALLEY. / Marty started jogging. That was no hallucination. The sign was real. It was the Hill Valley train station! / It wasn't much to look at, though. As he got closer, Marty realized the depot was even smaller than his great-great-grandfather's farmhouse. Marty guessed that made sense. Hill Valley had only been founded a few years before. It would still be a pretty small town. / And a pretty quiet town too."
—From Back to the Future Part III by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 61)
"There wasn't much activity at the train depot. A Chinese fellow in what looked like black pajamas was sweeping the platform. Another fellow was standing in front of a window marked 'Telegraph Office', and, at the far end of the platform, a farmer was pulling boxes and bales of hay from his wagon. Well, what was Marty expecting? Gunfights? A brass band welcoming committee? This was the real Old West after all, not some some movie starring John Wayne or Clint Eastwood — no matter what he'd called himself back at the McFly farm."
—From Back to the Future Part III by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, pages 61 and 62)

The Hill Valley Railroad Station was the railroad station in existence for many decades of Hill Valley's history. It stood out on the side of town in 1885. From the station one could travel west to San Francisco or Sacramento, or east into the desert towards the East Coast.

The main railroad that used the station was Central Pacific Railroad.

The distance between Courthouse Square and the starting line implies that the station was demolished at some point before 1955.