A hooligan is a person who engages in what's considered illegal or disruptive behavior.


On December 24, 1845, Reg, along with Jules and Verne Brown, were called hooligans by the police chasing them in London, England.

Additionally despite not being too much older than his brother, Jules wasn't against referring to Verne as a hooligan sometimes [1]

Edna Strickland used the word quite a bit as she deemed most of society to consist of them (as she described it, "9 out of 10 people in city are hooligans"), as well as people who used skateboards like Marty McFly.

Emmett Brown and Edna's machine, the Mental alignment meter had Hooligan as one of the possible results to a person's mind map chose and was close to being one of the worst results a person could have (the worst being Degenerate Criminal). As of October 12, 1931, 90% of Hill Valley citizens were deemed 'Hooligans' by the mind map test.

After accidentally destroying Hill Valley as a result of setting fire to the Palace Saloon on July 17, 1876, Edna remained in the past and continued living in a poor state of mind up to October 13, 1931B. Having to acknowledge her actions, she admitted that she herself was a hooligan.