Claras Residence

Marty and Doc's horses outside Clara's house.

" He [Marty] looked out over the wide open prairie. It was just beginning to sink in — he was going back to visit the Wild West! / "Hey, Doc," he asked, "you think I'll get a chance to ride a horse? I used to ride at summer camp. I was pretty good, too." / Doc smiled at that. / "I don't see why not." "
—From Back to the Future Part III by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 33)
" Marty read the horses' names on the stable doors [in Doc's livery stable] as he pulled on jeans, a workshirt, a pair of boots that actually fit, and a serape, just like the real Clint Eastwood always wore in those spaghetti westerns. 'Galileo', the first horse's sign read, then 'Archimedes', and 'Newton'. He grinned. No matter where Marty ran into him, you could always depend on Doc for some things. "
—From Back to the Future Part III by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 82)

A horse is a four legged mammal that can be ridden on for either transportation purposes (especially in the 19th century), racing or simply for fun.

They are also used for pulling vehicles such as chariots, wagons, or carriages.

A male donkey is often bred with a female horse to produce a mule.


In 36 AD, Bifficus Antanneny and Marty McFly competed in a chariot race.

After being sent to 1885 by a bolt of lightning, Dr. Emmett Brown set himself up as the town blacksmith. Part of his job involved shoeing horses. He also obtained three horses which he named Galileo, Archimedes and Newton.

The Palace Saloon had a horse trough filled with water, in which Doc was forced to dunk his head immediately after being forced to drink Chester's wake-up juice.

On September 2 of that year, the U.S. Cavalry pursued the Pohatchee tribe. Both sides were horseback throughout the chase.

Buford's gang

Buford and his gang on their horses.

On September 3, Buford Tannen and his gang pursed Marty on horses.


Doc riding horseback in Back to the Future Part III for the Sega Genesis.

On September 4, Doc and Marty tried to use six horses to pull the DeLorean time machine (which had a ripped fuel tank) up to 88 miles per hour, but failed. Later that day, they both rode horseback to save Clara when her panicked horse — which had been spooked by a snake — was about to pull her wagon buckboard over the edge of Shonash Ravine.

On September 7, Buford and his gang rode horseback to town to have a showdown with Marty. After the showdown, Marty and Doc (and later Clara) rode horseback to Locomotive 131.

Marty had learned to ride a horse at summer camp, as he mentioned to Doc's younger self at the Pohatchee Drive-In Theater on November 16, 1955, shortly before he departed for the Old West.[1]

In the 1985A timeline, Biff Tannen made his first million on his twenty-first birthday by betting on a horse race. The waxwork figure of Biff on display at the main entrance of the Biff Tannen Museum, standing next to his newly-restored Ford Super De Luxe Convertible from 1955, held a lucky horseshoe in its left hand — signifying Biff's status as the "luckiest man on Earth".

As of 2000, all major sporting events from 1950-2000, including horse racing, were published in Grays Sports Almanac. The almanac had an image of two racehorses on the cover.