After drinking wake-up juice, Doc dunks his head in the horse trough outside the Palace Saloon.

"Water? You want water, you better go dunk your head in the horse trough out there. In here, we pour whiskey."
"What happened next [after giving Doc wake-up juice] was quite amazing. In fact, Marty couldn't figure out what was most incredible — the strength of Doc's bloodcurdling scream, the amazingly blood-red color of his face, or the speed with which he ran from the bar to dunk his head in the horse trough. / Well, no matter which was most surprising, the final effect was quite dramatic. Marty and the barkeep both ran out of the bar to find Doc's head totally submerged in water! / Marty heard a gulping sound from the trough, and realized that Doc must be drinking water. He hoped, when this was all over, that his friend would forgive him for this dramatic cure."
—From Back to the Future Part III by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, pages 163 and 164)

A horse trough, or watering trough, was an open stone receptacle which provided drinking water for horses.


A horse trough stood outside the Palace Saloon in Hill Valley in 1885. The bartender, Chester, told "Clint Eastwood" that this was the only place to get a drink of water at the saloon.

When Dr. Emmett Brown passed out after drinking whiskey on September 7 after losing Clara Clayton and had wake-up juice poured into his mouth by Chester, it is fortunate indeed that the trough was there — bearing in mind the effects of the aforementioned concoction made it necessary for Doc to dunk his head in water immediately afterwards.


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