Marty McFly on a hoverwheel

A hoverwheel was one component of a hover conversion to a ground vehicle. They could operate independently of the rest of the vehicle as long as they were hooked up to a battery.



The wheel just before hovering

While in an alternate timeline of 1986, Marty McFly needed to get into the town of Hill Valley in order to get things sorted out. He found he was at the south gate and visitors could enter only from the north. Unwilling to walk clear around Hill Valley, Marty turned his attention to the resources available to him. He salvaged the damaged DeLorean time machine and found a charged battery from the car, which he used to power one of the hoverwheels barely attached to the DeLorean. Separating the hoverwheel from the car, Marty attached the battery to it. The wheel's hubcap promptly began to glow and it quickly began to rise. Marty jumped on and used it to hover over the South Gate wall into Hill Valley. Once over the wall, he lost his balance and fell off. The wheel sailed into the sky, but the job was done: Marty was inside Hill Valley.


The wheel soars into the sky