Howard and Daughter
Biographical information
Date of birth1945
Age (1955)10
Age (1985)40[1]
Age (2015)70
Physical description
Behind-the-scenes information
" Now, as if to underscore Marty's challenge of a moment before, a voice called to him [George] from the window of the house next door. It was that of his neighbor Howard, a forty-year-old, potbellied, generally unpleasant character who, like Biff Tannen, spoke to George only when he needed something or wanted another person to berate. / His voice was less tinged with scorn at the moment, no doubt because he was looking for George's help. / "Hey, McFly!" he called down. "My daughter's selling Girl Scout cookies. I told her you'd be good for a case." / "A case?" George replied. "What's a case?" / "What difference does it make?" Howard shot back belligerently. "Twelve. Twenty-four. Thirty-six. It's for a good cause, ain't it? Or do you want me to tell the kid you're a cheapskate?" / "It's just that—" George began, then hunched his shoulders helplessly. "Never mind. Sure. Tell her I'm good for a case, whatever it is." / Marty shook his head and went inside. "
—From Back to the Future by George Gipe (quote, page 33)
"Hey McFly. My kid here is selling peanut brittle for her team. It's five dollars for a box and I put you down for a case. Okay?"
—Howard to George McFly

Howard was the next-door neighbor to the McFly family in Lyon Estates.


Howard was a forty-year-old, potbellied, unpleasant man who only spoke to George McFly when he needed something or wanted another person to berate.[1]

He had a daughter who was a Girl Scout selling Sophie Mae peanut brittle to raise money for her baseball team in 1985. Howard brought his daughter — wearing her baseball team uniform — to the McFly residence to pressure George to purchase an entire case of peanut brittle from her.

It is unknown as to whether Howard and his family were still living in Hill Valley in 2015.

Behind the scenes[]

"See, honey. What did I tell you? We only had to go to one house."
—Howard to his daughter.
  • The DVD for Back to the Future shows Howard in a scene that was filmed, but edited out of the final release. Biff has just borrowed and totaled the family car, and George tells Marty "And all I can say is... I'm sorry." The scene then cuts to the dinner table, where George is eating a bowl of peanut brittle with his dinner. Between those two scenes was one, wisely cut from the film, in which Marty is telling his father to just say "no" for once in his life. Immediately after, Howard and his daughter appear at the front door of the McFly residence and Howard pressures George into buying the peanut brittle. With George clearly established as a pushover in the confrontation with Biff, the "peanut brittle" scene proved unnecessary.
  • In the novelization (see Quote above), Howard's daughter is only referred to, and there is no scene where the pair appear at the front door. She is also mentioned as selling Girl Scout cookies rather than peanut brittle.


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