Howard and Daughter
Howard's daughter
Biographical information
Date of birth1973-1974
Age (1985)11-12
Age (2015)41-42
Physical description
Behind-the-scenes information
"See, honey. What did I tell you? We only had to go to one house."
—Howard to his daughter.

Howard's daughter was the unnamed child of Howard, the McFly family's next-door neighbor in Lyon Estates.


Howard's daughter was a Girl Scout,[1] and was selling Sophie Mae peanut brittle for $5.00 a case to raise money for her baseball team.

She arrived, wearing her baseball team uniform and carrying an entire case of peanut brittle, with her father at the front door of the McFly residence, whereupon Howard pressured George to purchase the case from her.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the novelization, Howard's daughter is only referred to, and there is no scene where the pair appear at the front door. She is also mentioned as selling Girl Scout cookies rather than peanut brittle.



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