Hubert Thomas
Biographical information
Date of birth1821
Age (1885)64
Age (1931)110
Physical description
Hair colorGray
Behind-the-scenes information
Played byHugh Gillin
" "Emmett!" a voice called from outside. "Ho, Emmett!" / Doc stopped his pontification [towards Marty] as a man wearing a suit and derby hat stepped through the stable door. / "It's the mayor," Doc called back to Marty. He turned to the newcomer. "Hello, Hubert." / "Excuse me, Emmett," the mayor apologized jovially. "Remember at the town meeting last week you volunteered to meet the new schoolteacher at the station when she came in? Well, we just got word that she's coming in tomorrow. Thanks for helpin' us out, and here's the details for you." / He handed Doc a piece of paper, quickly speaking again before the other man had a chance to reply. "Oh, and her name's Miss Clayton. Miss Clara Clayton." "
—From Back to the Future Part III by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 83)

Hubert was the mayor of Hill Valley in 1885.


Marty McFly could hear someone greeting Hubert by name outside Dr. Emmett Brown's livery stable, and Doc advised Marty that Hubert — with whom Doc was apparently on first name terms — was the Mayor of Hill Valley.

Marty saw Hubert again at the Hill Valley Festival, when the mayor presided over the dedication of the new clock.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The mayor was portrayed by Hugh Gillin.
  • Hubert's surname was never given on-screen.
  • In the DVD commentary to Part III, Bob Gale confirms that the part was offered to former President Ronald Reagan, by way of Reagan's former movie agent and friend, Lew Wassermann. However, Reagan politely declined. Had Reagan accepted, it would have been his final film role.


Mayors of Hill Valley
1885: Hubert - 1931: Jack Thomas - 1955: Red Thomas - 1985: Goldie Wilson - 2015: Goldie Wilson Jr.