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Back To The Future Nike Shoes

Marty McFly checks out one of his power-lacing Nike shoes.

The Hyperdunk McFly was a shoe released in the summer of 2008 by Nike. The design was inspired from Back to the Future Part II, with a similar appearance to the Nike MAG power-lacing shoes from 2015.

The tongues of a pair included an image of time circuits, with times of November 12, 1955, October 27, 1985, and October 21, 2015, as well as the signature red and yellow arrows and the number "2015". The shoes were a white-to clear color with the ability to glow in the dark.

Only 300 pairs of the Hyperdunk McFly were produced, resulting in a rare and highly-sought after collectible for BTTF fans.

Although the limited edition are by their very nature quite rare, Nike also designed and sold a range of their Air Max Hyperize basketball trainers in the Back to the Future color scheme, which shared a similar design but utilized Nike's 360 Air technology.

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