An interocitor tube.

Interocitor tube

The shop attendant searches through an empty box of interocitor tubes

An interocitor tube resembled a vacuum tube. In 1982, it was used in guitar amplifiers.


In 1982, Douglas J. Needles tried to steal one from Marty McFly, but it broke. Needles instead took Marty's guitar and told him he would not give it back until he got him a new tube. Marty tried to buy one at a music store, but was told by the shop attendant that all of the stock was sold to ELB Enterprises.

After using his brain to get out of traps while breaking into Dr. Emmett Brown's garage, Marty impressed Doc, who gave him a job as his assistant.

It turned out Doc had thrown away all the interocitor tubes, as he only wanted the box they came in for his Static-O-Matic electric hair chair.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The interocitor is a fictional multi-functional device that first appeared in the 1949 short story The Alien Machine by Raymond F. Jones. The story later became the first four chapters of the 1952 novel This Island Earth, and was later adapted into the film of the same name in 1955.


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