Ito T. "The Jits" Fujitsu
Biographical information
Date of birth1973
Age (1885)Not yet born
Age (1955)Not yet born
Age (1985)12
Age (2015)42
Physical description
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
Behind-the-scenes information
Played byJames Ishida
" The boss stared at Marty for a moment; the large man was seething silently. Maybe it was the formal dress kimono that his boss liked to wear in the evenings, but whenever Fujitsu got like this, he always reminded Marty of a meditating Samurai warrior just before he went on a killing rampage. / Marty realized his throat had gone dry all over again. / "McFly!" Fujitsu said slowly and all-too-clearly. "I was monitoring that scan you interfaced. You're terminated!" / No! His boss couldn't mean that! / "Terminated?" Marty protested. "But sir! It wasn't my idea! Needles was behind it!" Surely his boss could see the truth in that. / "And you cooperated," Fujitsu continued, unswayed by Marty's argument. "It was illegal, and you knew it." The boss's voice was growing quieter. It was always worse when an angry Fujitsu got quiet. Marty could almost feel that samurai sword slicing through his future. / "You're fired, McFly," Fujitsu concluded calmly. "Goodbye." / "But sir —" Marty began rapidly. It wasn't his fault. There had to be some way to get the boss to see that. Needles had called Marty chicken! / Nobody called Marty chicken! / "McFly!" Fujitsu cut him off abruptly. "Read my fax!" "
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 88 and 89)
"McFly! I was monitoring that scan you just interfaced. You are terminated!"
—Mr. Fujitsu

Ito T. Fujitsu, also known as "The Jits", was the supervisor of both Douglas J. Needles and Marty McFly at CusCo.


On the evening of October 21, 2015, Fujitsu monitored a scan sent from Marty to Needles and discovered an illegal transaction. He immediately sent a video telephone call to Marty at his home, announcing that Marty was "terminated", and sent a fax reading "YOU'RE FIRED!!!" to all the fax machines there. As the previous call ended with Needles smirking, it was implied that he may have set Marty up, or it could have been likely that Needles was displaying confidence, only to also face action from management.

However, since Fujitsu had monitored the video call between Marty and Needles, as well as suddenly appearing on the screen without Marty having answered the video telephone a second time (which makes one wonder if Fujitsu had somehow hacked the AT&T video software for the purpose of spying on his employees[1]), he would have known who dared Marty into joining the black market deal. It is also likely that Needles bribed him. (timeline in which Marty has 1985 car accident)

According to Fujitsu's datafile, as displayed at the bottom of the video screen, his wife's name was Siva, he had no children; his food preferences were Japanese and Thai; and he disliked beer, Mexican, and Cajun food.

Surprisingly, he was quite younger than Marty as when Marty was a junior in high school, Fujitsu was still in the 6th grade. It is currently unknown how he became Marty's boss, although it's possible that Fujitsu got a job earlier than Marty, or worked harder than him to eventually get promoted to supervisor.

Behind the scenes[]

  • "The Jits" was portrayed by Japanese-American character actor James Ishida.
  • James Ishida was 46 at the time of the time of the filming of BTTF II in 1989, four years older than the character he was portraying.

The character's name[]

  • Fujitsu is, in reality, the name of a Japanese electronics manufacturer. The name "Fujitsu" is a condensed version of the company's original name, Fuji Denki Tsūshin Kiki Seizō (meaning "Fuji Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing.") Like "Nabisco" or "Texaco", the corporate name is not a surname.
  • Bob Gale has acknowledged the error of naming the character "Fujitsu."
"I made a big mistake calling this guy 'Mr. Fujitsu.' We thought that the Fujitsu company was named after a guy, I did, and it's not; it's some amalgamation, it'd be like calling somebody 'Mr. General Motors.' So it became kind of the laughingstock of Japan, but I never took Japanese, so what can I tell you."
—Bob Gale, Back to the Future Part II DVD commentary
  • Despite the middle initial "T." in Fujitsu's name, Japanese naming convention does not include the concept of a middle name.



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