"Clara, Emmett, I have the distinct honor of presenting the JEB cross-time headliner."

- Jules Brown

The J.E.B cross-time headliner was a device invented by Jules Brown in 1991. It consisted of an old teletype machine and a flux capacitor.

Upon entering a date, it would print the newspaper from that day.


  • To demonstrate the machine's functionality, Jules entered the date 'December 15 1791'.
  • To prove that it also worked from the future, he then entered the date 'December 15 2091'.
  • Upon malfunctioning, the machine produced the newspaper from December 16 2091.


  • The initals JEB are derived from the name of its creator, Jules Eratosthenes Brown. This is similar to his father, Emmett Lathrop Brown, who used his initials ELB to decorate the Jules Verne Train.


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