Jack thomas
Jack Thomas
Biographical information
Date of birth1869
Age (1885)16
Age (1931)62
Age (1955)86
Physical description
Behind-the-scenes information

Gentleman Jack Thomas was the Mayor of Hill Valley in 1931.


Jack thomas poster

The campaign poster for Jack Thomas.

In June 1931, many posters of Jack Thomas appeared in Hill Valley, especially around Courthouse Square campaigning for the mayoral re-election under the slogan "Good Time Mayor." His campaign for re-election was a success.

Jack Thomas is the one who came up with having the Hill Valley Science Expo to attract investors in the technology field.[1]

It is possible that he is a relative (if so, the father) of Red Thomas, the mayor in 1955.


Notes and references[]

  1. Mentioned by Citizen Brown in 1931.

Mayors of Hill Valley
1885: Hubert - 1931: Jack Thomas - 1955: Red Thomas - 1985: Goldie Wilson - 2015: Goldie Wilson Jr.