Hill and Main 1985

A skateboarding Marty grabs onto the back of a Jeep CJ-7 in 1985.

Jeep 2015

A futuristic Jeep lands on Second Street in 2015.

Jeep was a manufacturer of largely off-road vehicles. It was still producing models by 2015.


On October 25, 1985, a skateboarding Marty McFly grabbed onto the back of a Jeep CJ-7 — the driver of which was wearing a Mountain Dew baseball cap — to reach Hill Valley High School after transferring from a Ford pickup truck.

On October 21, 2015, Marty grabbed a rope on the back of a futuristic Jeep which had just landed on Second Street while he was fleeing from Griff's gang.

Behind the scenes

Actuality (2015)

  • Anyone expecting to see in 2015 a futuristic, flying Jeep of the make and model featured in Back to the Future Part II is going to be disappointed, as the Jeep Wrangler YJ is no longer being produced.
  • As far as is known, Jeep have no plans to produce a flying model in the foreseeable future.


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