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John-Clay Scott
Biographical information
Date of birthJuly 26, 1957
Age (1985)28
Age (2015)58
Physical description
Hair colorBrown
Behind-the-scenes information

John-Clay Scott (July 26, 1957 in Blythe, California) is an American stunt driver and actor.

Behind the scenes

John performed most of the driving stunts in Back to the Future and Back to the Future Part II. With a stocky build (6'2" and 265 pounds) [1], he was the logical choice to sit in for Thomas F. Wilson when Biff's '46 Ford convertible skidded sideways into the manure truck. However, Scott can also be seen in freeze-frame in scenes showing the DeLorean automobile, where the windshield and quick edits helped conceal his size. As with all stuntmen, he wore clothing similar to the character for whom he was appearing. As such, he can be seen:

  • in a yellow radiation suit, as Marty McFly racing away from the Libyans at the Twin Pines Mall parking lot;
  • in a black and gray jacket, as Biff hitting the manure truck
  • with a white wig on his head, and wearing a yellow jacket, as Doc speeding into the McFly family's driveway at film's end (though he doesn't have on Doc's solid metal visor)

According to Bob Gale in commentary, some of the scenes of Einstein moving in the remote-controlled DeLorean were filmed with "a driver in a dog suit" (i.e., headgear that was similar to a shaggy dog), though it is difficult to tell whether Scott handled this task as well.

John-Clay is the brother of the stunt coordinator of the Back to the Future trilogy, Walter Scott, and stunt double of Tom Wilson in Back to the Future Part III, Ben Scott.