Burgerking 3

Marty rides onto JFK Drive.

Burgerking-victory 2

JFK Drive location in 2007

"Who the hell is John F. Kennedy?"
Sam Baines

John F. Kennedy Drive, formerly known as Riverside Drive, was a route into Hill Valley in 1985. It had many businesses including Burger King, Toys "R" Us and a printing service. Adjacent to the Burger King was Doc's garage, the remnant of his former property of his mansion. In 1955, properties along the road were primarily residential.

When Marty McFly asked the Baines where Riverside Drive was, Sam Baines said it was on the other side of town from their house, a block east past Maple Street, which Marty knew to be John F. Kennedy Drive in 1985, named after the former United States president. However, Sam had never heard of the man — retorting "Who the hell is John F. Kennedy?" (despite the fact that Kennedy was already a United States Senator in 1955, he was not yet a household name).

It is unknown if this road is near a river due to its former name.

Behind the scenes[]

  • North Victory Boulevard in Burbank, California was the filming location of this street in 1985, while its 1955 counterpart was Westmoreland Drive in front of the Gamble House.
  • The Gamble House garage, and the "1640" sign, front North Orange Grove Boulevard in Pasadena.