Jules verne animated series
Jules Gabriel Verne
Biographical information
Date of birthFebruary 8, 1828
Age (1885)57
Age (1955)127
Age (1985)157
Age (2015)187
Physical description
Behind-the-scenes information

Jules Verne (February 8, 1828 - March 24, 1905) was the favorite author of Dr. Emmett Brown and his wife Clara.


Doc mentioned one of his books to Marty McFly, Journey to the Center of the Earth, as well as From the Earth to the Moon and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea with Clara.

Doc nearly revealed his inconsistency to Clara in 1885 by saying he read about, and wanted to meet, Captain Nemo when he was a little boy, although the book had only been published in 1870.

Doc and Clara's two sons were named for Jules Verne, Jules Brown and Verne Brown respectively.

Verne and Marty traveled back to the 1800s, hoping to convince Jules Verne to change his name (offered names included Bart Simpson and Charles Dickens). They failed to succeed into doing so, and traveled to October 29, 1888 to convince Doc and Clara to give to yet to be born Verne a different name.

Verne, however, created a predestination paradox by going back in time and inspiring them to name him Verne, but only afterward did they realize that both sons were coincidentally named for the author in some way.

On May 14, 1986, Doc's belongings were being sold as the city held an estate sales for Doc's garage. One of the items, to George McFly's surprise, were first edition collections of Jules Verne.

On September 7, 1893, Doc traveled to October 27, 2017 in the second DeLorean time machine to buy a gift for Clara after his dedication to completing work on the Jules Verne Train caused him to inadvertently forget their eighth wedding anniversary. Doc eventually found the perfect gift for Clara at the Blast from the Past antique/memorabilia store in Hill Valley: a copy of Lighthouse at the End of the World by her favorite author, Jules Verne, and which, in 1893, would not be written for another twelve years.