The following events occurred on July 4.

1776, Thursday

  • The founding of the United States of America, and the issue of the Declaration of Independence.

Doc Brown entered this well-known date into the time circuits of the DeLorean time machine to demonstrate that one could witness the signing of the Declaration of Independence, granted that they had driven to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania before going back in time.

1885, Saturday

  • According to Chester, Doc Brown tries whiskey or another alcoholic beverage during Hill Valley's July 4th celebrations in 1885. Given Chester's tone and Doc's eventual reaction to whiskey on September 7, Doc must have not had a positive experience.

Behind the scenes

If one was able to reach Philadelphia on this date in 1776, they would have only seen John Hancock signing the Declaration of Independence. The other 55 delegates did not sign the document until August 2 and thereafter, even though the document was dated July 4, 1776.


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