"Serving Hill Valley and all of Hill County, you're tuned to KKHV, the voice of Hill Valley."

KKHV was a radio station that broadcast in Hill Valley in 1955. On the night of November 12 of that year, Biff Tannen listened as an announcer repeated the college football results from earlier that day, and checked them against Grays Sports Almanac. KKHV apparently was on 700 kHz on the AM dial, which Biff tuned in on his car radio. In 1985, Doc Brown's AM clock radio was tuned to the same 700 kHz frequency, and was broadcasting a commercial for Statler Toyota when it switched on on the morning of October 25. As for Marty, his preference was for an FM-radio station, which he listened to on a Panasonic clock radio, tuned to about 104.1 MHz.



The Back to the Future Mod for GTA:Vice City has KKHV as the station that can be picked up on the radio in 1955 and 1985.

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