KKHV weatherman
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Voiced byCharles L. Campbell
"Repeating tonight's earlier weather bulletin, a severe thunderstorm is heading for Hill Valley."
—KKHV Weatherman

The KKHV weatherman was also the general speaker on the station on November 12, 1955.


The weatherman initially predicted partly cloudy weather when, in fact, a thunderstorm was on the way later that night. Around 9:30 pm, the station issued a severe weather bulletin for Hill Valley, warning of a severe thunderstorm. That storm would later strike the Hill Valley Courthouse, freezing the clock tower.

He announced local news and the community calendar, such as the Hill Valley Woman's Club's bake sale being held on the afternoon of November 13 from 2-5 at the Community Center on Horace Road.

The announcer also gave the scores for the Top 10 in college football that day, including the UCLA-Washington game at 19-17, Michigan State over Minnesota 42-14, Ohio State over Iowa 20-10, Michigan over Indiana 30-0, Oklahoma over Iowa State 52-0, Piitsburgh over West Virginia 26-7, and Maryland over Clemson 25-12.