Kid Tannen's Gang

Kid's gang (from left to right, clockwise): Kid Tannen, Matches and Cue Ball.



Irving "Kid" Tannen's gang consisted of three known members: Matches, Cue Ball, and Zane Williams. Each member was similar for their Italian-American accent and clothing.


In June 1931, Kid Tannen owned the Hill Valley speakeasy and the Sisters of Mercy Soup Kitchen while the remaining members of the gang worked for the businesses. This involved smuggling the alcohol into Hill Valley and making a profit from the local consumers. While not smuggling alcohol, Cue Ball was making the soup.

After Arthur McFly went to the Hill Valley Courthouse to answer a subpoena, Matches & Cue Ball showed up to take to El Kid to find out how much he told the DA. They along with Zane were taken care of by Marty when he showed up to rescue Arthur.

When El Kid went into business on August, each of the gang had jobs to perform. Zane made caricature drawings of individuals killed by Kid. Matches kept an eye on things. Cue Ball played the piano while Trixie Trotter sung on stage.

After Kid's arrest on August 13, 1931, his gang was also arrested. Cue Ball was able to receive a smaller sentence due to providing info on Kid (which is unspecified). Zane and Matches are still presumably in jail.


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