Klondike was a telephone exchange in Hill Valley in 1955 that served Doc Brown's mansion along Riverside Drive, East 39th Street, and More Avenue, as seen in the phone book in Lou's Cafe.

Behind the scenes[]

  • When a phone number that starts with KLondike-5 is dialed, K-L-5 is 5-5-5, a nonexistent exchange that was often used for fictitious phone numbers in movies. Thus, Doc's number KLondike 5-4385 is 555-4385.
  • The phone number Jennifer Parker writes on the back of the Clock Tower flyer (for her grandma's house) also starts with 5-5-5 (555-4823). However, on page 22 of George Gipe's novelization, Jennifer's grandma's number is given as 243-8480.