Marty and Jennifer's wedding at the Chapel O' Love in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, Nevada was a city built on entertainment and gambling. The Chapel O' Love where Marty and Jennifer married was located there.

When Doc was discussing the future with the old-timers in the Palace Saloon in 1885 after breaking up with Clara, Jeb asked if there was gambling in the future. When Doc answered that all of the gambling was in a town called Las Vegas, Zeke laughed and reported that he had been to Las Vegas, and there was nothing there but desert; it didn't even have water or a saloon.[1]

Behind the scenes

The facade of Biff's Pleasure Paradise was created using special effects by inserting the image of the Plaza Hotel in downtown Las Vegas above the courthouse set on the Universal Studios Backlot, and adding a neon sign reading "Biff's" at the top.



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