Leslie "Spike" O'Malley
Biographical information
Date of birth1997
Age (1955)Not yet born
Age (1985)Not yet born
Age (2015)18
Physical description
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBrown (red contact lens in right eye)
Behind-the-scenes information
Played byDarlene Vogel
"What's wrong, McFly? You got no scrote?"

Leslie "Spike" O'Malley, was a member of Griff's gang in 2015.


Spike was the first female member of any Tannen gang in known Hill Valley history.

She demonstrated in the Cafe '80s that she could be as tough as any of the guys when she grabbed Marty McFly, Jr. in a very personal place(!) and lifted him up off the floor.

Her hoverboard was of the Question Mark design.

Spike may have been the daughter of Heather, the receptionist at Dr. Emmett Brown's Institute of Future Technology in 1991.

Behind the scenes

  • Thomas F. Wilson notes that Griff Tannen may have "let her [Spike] in [the gang] because she's a great-looking babe".[1]
  • As with Rafe "Data" Unger and Chester "Whitey" Nogura, Griff's other accomplices, Spike was not referred to by name in the movie, but identified in the credits. Like Data and Whitey, she was identified as Leslie O'Malley in the 2015 USA Today story that appeared after the headline was changed from YOUTH JAILED - Martin McFly, Jr. arrested for Theft to GANG JAILED - Hoverboard Rampage Destroys Courthouse.
  • Spike was portrayed by Darlene Vogel, who also appeared as Heather, the I.F.T. receptionist in the film accompanying the Universal Studios theme park adventure, Back to the Future: The Ride. Whether Spike is Heather's daughter has yet to be confirmed — or denied — in IDW Publishing's Back to the Future comic series.
  • Stunt performer Cheryl Wheeler doubled for Darlene Vogel during the scene where the gang chases Marty on hoverboards, and was hospitalized when a stunt went wrong. The footage of the mishap remained in the finished movie; Spike can be seen hitting one of the pillars of the Courthouse Mall as the gang members crash through the front window. Luckily, Wheeler — who has been a three-time world champion as a kickboxer — recovered and continued film work until 2003.