African-American family-1985A
Biographical information
Date of birth1927
Age (1931)4
Age (1955)28
Age (1985)58
Age (2015)88
Physical description
Hair colorBlack, graying at temples
Eye colorBrown
Behind-the-scenes information
Played byAl White
" The door [to Loretta's bedroom] slammed open, and the rest of the family rushed in, father, mother and younger brother. All three stared at Marty. Marty was not pleased to see that the father was carrying a baseball bat. / "Freeze, sucker!" the father announced as he raised the bat above his head. / Marty raised his hands. / "OK, take it easy," he said slowly and clearly. "I don't want any trouble." / This didn't seem to impress the father at all. He raised the bat even higher. / "Well, you got trouble now, you no-good trash! What are you doing in here with my daughter?" / Marty looked around the room, as if an explanation might be hiding somewhere. "
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, pages 101 and 102)
"That's right you keep running, sucker! And you tell that realty company that I ain't selling, you hear?! We ain't gonna be terrorized!"
—Lewis to Marty, who was running out of the house

Lewis was the father in an African-American family that lived in the same house that, back in the unaltered 1985, belonged to the McFly family. However due to Biff Tannen's manipulation of the space-time continuum, the McFlys had either moved from or never purchased that house, leaving it open for Lewis and his wife Louise to purchase.


On October 26, 1985, Marty McFly stumbled into the bedroom of Lewis's daughter Loretta and became a target for Lewis's wooden baseball bat. As Marty fled, Lewis yelled after him that they were not selling their house and wouldn't be terrorized. Afterward, he disagreed with his wife that they should put bars on all the windows as it would feel like "living in a jail".

Behind the scenes[]