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|image = [[File:Babs-Outside_Lous_Cafe.jpg|248px]]
|name = Lisa Freeman
|birth = [[July 28]], [[1957]]
|age2 = 2
|age3 = 32
|age4 = 62
|gender = Female
|hair = Black/Dark brown
|eyes = Brown
'''Lisa Freeman''' is an actress and author who portrayed [[Babs]] in ''[[Back to the Future]]'' and ''[[Back to the Future Part II]]''.
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{{Character||name = Lisa Freeman
|birth = July 28, 1957
|film = Babs
||gender = Women
|eyes = Brown}}
Lisa Freeman started her work as an actor and has been in numerous TV productions and films (Mr. Mom and Back to the Future I & II to name a few). She performed at the Comedy Store, which led to her writing career in radio and spoken word. Freeman has a BA in liberal studies and creative writing, an MFA in fiction, and a certificate in pedagogy in writing from Antioch University. Inspired by the LA region and semi-autobiographical, Freeman's debut novel Honey Girl is set for a March 2015 release. Honey Girl reminds Freeman of a time when she was the color of tan-before-sunscreen, when she drank Tab by the six-pack and smoked Lark 100s, and when girls were not allowed to surf.

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Babs-Outside Lous Cafe
Lisa Freeman
Biographical information
Date of birthJuly 28, 1957
Age (1955)2
Age (1985)32
Age (2015)62
Physical description
Hair colorBlack/Dark brown
Eye colorBrown
Behind-the-scenes information

Lisa Freeman is an actress and author who portrayed Babs in Back to the Future and Back to the Future Part II.

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