This is a list of cast members in the Back to the Future trilogy, Back to the Future: The Animated Series, Back to the Future: The Game, and Doc Brown Saves the World. The names of the credited actors and their characters are listed as they are given in the closing credits of the film.

Actor Character Notes
Jamie Abbott Scooter kid #2
Joe Alaskey Sheriff Voice
Norman Alden Lou Caruthers "What did you do kid, jump ship?"
Mike Barbolak Danny Parker, Danny Parker Jr. The Game
Lindsey Barry Hoverboard girl #2 "Let's go..."
Frank Beard Band member #1 at party
Ivy Bethune Ma Peabody "What is it, Paw?"
Nikki Birdsong Loretta
Doug Boyd Zane The Game
Maia Brewton Sally Baines
Katherine Britton Daughter Peabody
David Harold Brown The Starlighters
Jennifer Brown Baseball kid #1 ”Give us our ball back!”
Todd Cameron Brown Jules Brown
Lee Brownfield The Pinheads
Pat Buttram Saloon old-timer #3
Charles L. Campbell 1955 Radio announcer Voice
Harry Carey, Jr. Saloon old-timer #2
Tamara Carrera Jacuzzi girl #1
Irina Cashen Baseball kid #2 ”Give us our ball back!”
Dan Castellaneta Dr. Emmett Brown Voice
Cathy Cavadini Jennifer Parker Voice
Andrew Chaikin Biff Tannen, Cliff Tannen, Riff Tannen The Game
Matt Clark Chester the bartender
J.J. Cohen Skinhead, Needles' gang member "Get a load of this guy's life preserver, the dork thinks he's gonna drown!"
Jo B. Cummings Pie lady
Christopher Cundey Hill Valley High School student Scenes deleted
Phinnaes D. Toothless
Tracy D'Aldia Jacuzzi girl #2
Troy Davidson Verne Brown Voice
Robert DeLapp The Pinheads
David de Vos Institute scientist
Stephanie de Vos Audience scanning device Voice
George DiCenzo Sam Baines "Stella! Another one of these damn kids jumped in front of the car!"
Richard L. Duran Libyan terrorist "Damn Soviet gun!"
Richard Dysart Barbwire salesman
John Erwin Radio sportscaster Voice
Dannel Evans Verne Brown
E. Casanova Evans Michael Jackson video waiter
Junior Fann Mom
Sean Michael Fish King Neptune
Joe Flaherty Western Union man "I got something for you, a letter."
Flea Douglas J. Needles "What's the matter, McFly? Chicken?"
Charles Fleischer Terry
Leno Fletcher Conductor
Buck Flower Red the Bum "Crazy drunk driver!"
Foster Copernicus Doc's pet dog in 1955
Glenn Fox Boy holding Marty's gun "Mr Eastwood? Here's your gun, sir"
Michael J. Fox Marty McFly, Marty McFly Jr., Marlene McFly, Seamus McFly, William McFly "This is heavy..."
Freddie Einstein
Lisa Freeman Babs
Donald Fullilove Mayor Goldie Wilson and Goldie Wilson III
Courtney Gains Mark Dixon "Scram, McFly. I'm cuttin' in."
Hal Gausman Mayor Red Thomas
Charles Gherardi Ayatollah Khomeini video waiter Voice
Billy Gibbons Band member #2 at party
Burton Gilliam Colt gun salesman
Hugh Gillin Mayor Hubert "May it stand for all time!"
Crispin Glover George McFly "Hey you! Get your damn hands off her!"
Johnny Green Scooter kid #1 "Hey! You broke it!"
Angela Greenblatt Baseball kid #3 ”Give us our ball back!”
Benji Gregory Biff Tannen Jr Voice
Dorothy Hack Townswoman
Paul Hanson The Pinheads - Guitarist
Will Hare Otis Peabody "It looks like an airplane.. without wings!"
Deborah Harmon TV newscaster
Adam Harrington Matches The Game
Kaleb Henley Marshal Strickland's son "I will Pa..."
Jason Hervey Milton Baines
Dusty Hill Band member #3 at party
Melissa Hutchison Trixie Trotter/Sylvia McFly The Game
Shaun Hunter Harold
John Ickes Festival man #2
Larry Ingold Train fireman "Is this a hold up?"
James Ishida Fujitsu "You are terminated!"
Roger Jackson Cue Ball, Judge Brown, Ernest Philpott, Hampton The Game
Cristen Kauffman Betty
David Kaufman Marty McFly Voice
Joshua Keaton Jules Brown Voice
Michael Klastorin Townsman #1, Security guard
Jay Koch Ronald Reagan video waiter "Welcome to Cafe 80s, where it's always morning in America, even in the afternoo-noo-noon."
Tim Konrad Barbwire salesman's companion
Robert Krantz Bystander #2
Jason Scott Lee Whitey
Marty Levy Cab driver
Huey Lewis Battle of the Bands judge "I'm afraid you're just too darn loud."
Christopher Lloyd Doctor Emmett Brown, Jacques Douteux "Great Scott!"
AJ LoCascio Marty McFly, Leech The Game
Ricky Dean Logan Data, Needles' gang member "He's on a hoverboard!"
Danny Mann Einstein Voice, 1 animated episode
Wesley Mann CPR kid "What's CPR?"
Jason Marin Sherman Peabody "It's already mutated into human form! Shoot it!"
Annette May uncredited, BTTF Part II
Frances Lee McCain Stella Baines
Marc McClure Dave McFly "Time to change that oil!"
Aimee Miles Lorraine Baines McFly The Game
Marvin J. McIntyre Undertaker
Bill McKinney Engineer ”I’ve had ‘er up to 55 myself.”
Brad McPeters Eyepatch
Michael John Mills Townsman #2
Cameron Moore Baseball kid #4 ”Give us our ball back!”
Read Morgan Hill Valley Cop
Kenny Myers Townsman #3
Joey Newington Joey (Palace Saloon employee)
Shannon Nicholson 1931 Edna Strickland The Game
Bill Nye Himself
Jeff O'Haco Libyan van driver
Judy Ovitz Antique Store Saleswoman
Sachi Parker Bystander #1 "Who is that guy?"
Karen Petrasek Girl #1 "George, you ever think of running for class president?"
Leslie A. Prickett Celebration man
James A. Rammel Festival dance caller
Elsa Raven Clocktower woman "Save the clock tower!"
Hal Rayle Additional Animated Series Voices including Tannensaurus
Gary Riley Guy #1 "Hey George, I heard you laid out Biff! Nice going!"
Neil Ross Biff Tannen Museum narrator Voice
Salli Saffioti Quantum Mind Jar Voice
Theo Schwartz Hoverboard girl #1 "Keep it, I've got a Pit Bull now."
Rebecca Schweitzer Edna Strickland Tannen and Operator of Phone Booth of the Future "It's a fact. Look it up."
Donovan Scott Strickland's deputy
Elisabeth Shue Jennifer Parker Parts II and III
Casey Siemaszko 3-D
Michael X. Sommers George McFly and Arthur McFly The Game
Wendie Jo Sperber Linda McFly
Justin Mosley Spink Basketball kid #5 ”Give us our ball back!”
Mary Steenburgen Clara Clayton Brown Also voice
Eric Stoltz Marty McFly Before replaced by Michael J. Fox
Sean Gregory Sullivan Buford's gang member #2
Tom Tangen Hill Valley High School student
Dub Taylor Saloon old-timer #1
James Arnold Taylor 1931 Emmett Brown The Game
Owen Thomas Irving "Kid" Tannen, Beauregard Tannen The Game
Tommy Thomas The Starlighters sax player
Lea Thompson Lorraine Baines McFly, Maggie McFly
John Thornton Video game boy "That's like a baby's toy!"
Lloyd L. Tolbert The Starlighters pianist "Hey boy, you feelin' alright?"
James Tolkan Strickland, Marshal Strickland
Mary Ellen Trainor Officer Reese
Marion Tumen Prostitute at Palace Saloon
Darlene Vogel Spike, Heather (IFT spokesperson)
Harry Waters, Jr. Marvin Berry "This is for all you lovers out there..."
Mike Watson Buford's gang member #3
Jeffrey Weissman George McFly Parts II and III
Claudia Wells Jennifer Parker Part I
Al White Dad
Stephanie E. Williams Officer Foley
Thomas F. Wilson Biff Tannen, Griff Tannen, Buford Tannen, Beauregard Tannen Also voice
Elijah Wood Video game boy "You mean you got to use your hands...?"
Christopher Wynne Buford's gang member #1 / Needles' gang member #1
Granville 'Danny' Young The Starlighters bass player
Billy Zane Match "We can do this the easy way or the hard way..."
ZZ Top Hill Valley Festival band Artist/Band
(Unknown) A. Jones in 1885
(Unknown) Jennifer Parker's father (Honks with car horn)
(Unknown) Other Battle of the Bands judges
(Unknown) Gertrude Tannen Voice
(Unknown) Wilbur (Man driving past Lyon Estates)
(Unknown) Wilbur’s wife ”Don’t stop Wilbur!”

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