This page is for references to the Back to the Future trilogy in anime.

Kira Kira Happy ★ Hirake! Cocotama

  • In the episode, "Where Are We Going? Cocotama World", the Cocotamas modify their bus in the hopes of entering the Cocotama World. The modified bus contains design ques from the DeLorean Time Machine, most evident in the inclusion of the cooling fins. On their first attempt the bus disappears, leaving a pair of fire trails behind, much like the DeLorean does when it travels through time.

Magical☆Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

  • Masayoshi Asahina (nicknamed "Grandpa Masa") becomes Dr. Emmett "Doc" in a skit in the 12th episode ("The Hollywood Parody World").
    • Coincidentally, Takeshi Aono, the voice actor for Grandpa Masa, also voiced Doc in the Japanese-dubbed versions of the Back to the Future films.


  • One episode of Pokémon was titled "Xatu the Future"; a play on Back to the Future and the Pokémon Xatu.
  • The sound effect that is used for the DeLorean entering one time period from another (three bursts of energy), from the first experiment, at Twin Pines Mall, can be heard in multiple episodes, often when dealing with electrical attacks. The sound of the DeLorean revving its engine, shortly before it's revealed in the first film, can be heard in the episode "Arriving In Style".  Some episodes also use the Star Wars sound effect for a lightsaber emitting the light blade.
  • In the episode titled "Battle For The Underground!", Cilan notes that the ghost train will loop out of control and Ingo says "precisely", which may be a reference to Back to the Future II.
  • The startup sound of the DeLorean time travel machine has been used in some episodes. Pokémon B&W, Episode 6: "Dreams by the Yard Full", the startup sound of the scanning machine that awakened Musharna; Pokémon X&Y, Episode 6: "Battling on thin ice", very briefly heard when Clement activates his sticky bomb cannon; Pokémon X&Y, Episode 10: "Mega-mega Meowth", the startupsound of the Mega Meowth.

Sonic X


  • The letters to the past are called "D-Mail", which is abbreviation of "DeLorean Mail."
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