This page is for references to the Back to the Future trilogy in comic books.

MAD (magazine)

  • In Issue #260:
    • The cover of the issue features Doc and Marty while Alfred E Neuman drives away with the Delorean
    • In the same issue there is a satire of the first film named "Bleak for the Future"
  • In Issue #295, There's a satire of the second film named "Bleak for the Future II"
  • A parody movie poster of Back to the Future can be found on the MADmagazine website named "Iraq to the Future" (a satire on the war between America and ISIS) featuring Barack Obama replacing Marty on the poster.
  • In Issue #335, in the satire of Pulp Fiction , Doc and Marty appear in the beginning and at the end
  • On the back of issue #269: Michael J Fox appears with zits (Michael J Zits) even though his looks are more leaning to the Family Ties character "Alex P Keaton.

Sonic Boom (Archie Comics)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics)

Sonic Universe

The Simpsons/Futurama Infinitely Secret Crossover Crisis

Star Trek/Legion of Super Heroes


  • There's a story that parodies the Back to the Future trilogy as a whole, featuring a number of the main character's daughters traveling back in time, each daughter from a different future timeline, to ensure that their father gets together with their respective mother, thus guaranteeing that their respective timeline will become reality and guaranteeing their own existence. The characters from the future occasionally begin to fade away from existence when their futures are in jeopardy, as Marty did at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance in Part I, and there are a number of other references including time paradoxes and a time flow chart depicting different potential timelines. Additionally, the first chapter of the series is titled "F*** to the Future."
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