Doc's Livery&Feed Stable

The Livery & Feed Stable owned by Doc Brown.

"Doc had fixed the inside of this place up pretty well. He'd divided the stables up into three different parts. There were living quarters at one end, a stable with a handful of horses at the other, and in between, all the blacksmith stuff, including a forge and anvil, plus some of Doc's usual inventions, improving on the local tools."
—From Back to the Future Part III by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 82)

A livery stable was a business that kept horses for hire, and where horse owners could pay to have their horses temporarily kept and cared for.


In 1885, Dr. Emmett Brown owned a livery stable in Hill Valley that also served as his residence and blacksmith's workshop. It sat on a plot which would, seventy years later, be occupied by a Texaco service station.

The interior of the workshop was divided into three sections: living quarters, which included Doc's automated breakfast maker and refrigerator; a workspace, where Doc could shoe horses and fix wagons; and a stable, which was home to his horses Archimedes, Galileo and Newton. After Marty McFly ended up in 1885, it also housed the DeLorean time machine and one of Doc's demonstration models.


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