African-American family-1985A
Biographical information
Date of birth1973[1]
Age (1985)12
Age (2015)42
Physical description
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
Behind-the-scenes information
Played byNikki Birdsong
"Mom, Dad, help!! Rape!! Mom!!! Dad!!! Help!!"
" The light went on. A young black girl, maybe eleven or twelve, stared at him from less than a foot away, clutching her covers up to her neck. / "Momma!" she shrieked. "Dad! Help!" / "Hey," Marty demanded, "who are you? What are you" — he hesitated, looking around — "doing — in — my — room?" / This place had changed. His model airplanes, mini-amplifier and posters of sports stars were gone, replaced by pink wallpaper, stuffed animals, and posters of Michael Jackson. / Marty didn't recognize this place at all. This wasn't his room. / This was a girl's room. / "Help! Daddy! Help!" the room's rightful owner screamed as she jumped from bed. She grabbed a handful of things from her bed and started to throw them at Marty. / Marty ducked. This should have been his room. Where had he gone wrong? "
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 101)

Loretta was the daughter of Lewis in 1985A.


On October 26, Loretta woke up as Marty McFly, unaware that he was in an alternate timeline in which the house where he lived was either no longer or had never been the McFly residence, climbed through the window and tumbled onto her bed. She jumped up, screeching hysterically, thinking Marty was trying to rape her, and called desperately for her father.

Lewis got his baseball bat and attempted several times to hit Marty, but ended up missing every time; his swings causing damage to Loretta's items on the dresser and throughout the room. She was seen running over, studying her destroyed possessions and protesting inaudibly during the scene.

Loretta also seemed to idolize Michael Jackson, judging by the posters displayed in her bedroom.



  1. The novelization by Craig Shaw Gardner gives Loretta's age as "maybe eleven or twelve" (quote, page 101).