The Turf Club takes bets on football games.

The Los Angeles Rams were an American football team from Los Angeles, California.


In an alternate timeline, Biff Tannen received a sports almanac detailing fifty years of sports statistics from his older self. Since he was underage, he couldn't bet, so on November 13, 1955, he gave money to his grandmother to bet on the Chicago Bears. She didn't bet on the Bears, who won against the Los Angeles Rams, making Biff twenty dollars poorer. Biff told her to make another bet, on the Washington Redskins. However, when they beat the San Francisco 49ers, she only gave Biff back his twenty dollars, and kept the rest for herself. When Gertrude claimed Biff was as greedy as his father, Biff stated that he learned that from her.

Behind the scenes

  • In reality, the Los Angeles Rams did lose against the Chicago Bears on November 13th, 1955.
  • The Rams moved from Anaheim to Saint Louis from 1995-2016.


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