African-American family-1985A
Biographical information
Date of birth1940s
Age (1955)teens
Age (1985)40s
Age (2015)70s
Physical description
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
Behind-the-scenes information
Played byJunior Fann
"He [Marty] stopped to take one final look at the place. It sure looked like his house. / The father ran out onto the porch, bat still in hand. Marty decided it was time to leave the neighborhood. / "That's right," the father yelled as the rest of his family came out to join him, "you keep running, sucker! And you tell that white trash realty company that I ain't selling, you hear? We ain't gonna be forced out!" / "Lewis," the mother lectured her husband, "tomorrow, you're going to put bars on all the windows, understand?" / "Like hell, I will," the father replied, shouting more at Marty than at his family. "I won't have my family livin' in a jail! I won't have that!" "
—From Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 103)

Louise was the wife of Lewis in 1985A. She was seen wearing a shower-cap and bathrobe.


On October 26, Louise and her husband Lewis woke up to screaming from their daughter Loretta's bedroom. When she and Lewis burst in, she was seen standing by the doorway in horror at the sight of Marty McFly's unwanted presence in the house.

Behind the scenes[]

  • While Louise isn't referred to by name in the on-screen dialogue or in the novelization (she is billed as 'Mom' in the movie's closing credits, while the novelization refers to her as 'the mother'), an early draft of Back to the Future Part II reveals that this is indeed her name.