Low-res was slang for a person considered to be contemptible or of low social standing, synonymous with the term "low-life".

When Marty McFly Jr. was arrested for robbery of the Hill Valley Payroll Substation, Griff Tannen stated in an interview that McFly was too "low-res" to be associated with them.

In an alternate 2015, where Marty McFly caused Griff's gang to crash into and damage the Courthouse during a hoverboard chase, resulting in their being arrested, Marty Jr. was seen exiting the Cafe 80's; he was almost hit by a car, and called the driver "low-res".

Behind the scenes[]

  • Alluding to a computer generation, the term is a shortened form of "low resolution" which usually indicates an image with poor quality. It was later then used as a slang term for someone of that nature.