M.R. Gale
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Hill Valley Telegraph - M

The name of the Hill Valley Telegraph editor is seen on a window of the newspaper office.

M.R. Gale was the newspaper editor of the Hill Valley Telegraph in 1885.

Because Buford Tannen shot the last newspaper editor in 1884 after what he considered to be an unfavorable article was written about him, Gale was therefore reluctant to print anything about Tannen.

His name appeared on the window glass of the newspaper office.

Behind the scenes[]

  • M.R. Gale's name is a direct reference and easter egg to the trilogy's writer, Bob Gale. While the "M.R." can be seen as referring to "Mr. Gale", the writer's full name is Michael Robert Gale. It is also possible that it is Gale's tribute to his father, St. Louis, Missouri lawyer Mark R. Gale.