A woman walks west toward Main Street, the sun at her back, one October morning. Notice her shadow.

Main Street was a north-south running street that started in downtown Hill Valley at the northwest corner of Courthouse Square at Lou's Aerobic Fitness Center. It intersected with Hill Street at the site of the Essex Theater, and continued out southbound towards Lyon Estates and the Twin Pines Mall.

Although the stationery on which Marty wrote his letter gives the location of Lou's Cafe as Hill and Main, street signs indicate it is actually at Second and Main. (One can only assume that the cafe was originally located at Hill and Main before Lou decided to move to Second and Main, which would no doubt explain the out-of-date address on what was probably left-over stationery.)

Individuals that lived on Main Street included H.W. Broomhead, Chester R. Brough, Hyrum C. Brough, Douglas H. Brown, and Elmer Brown. D.T. Broun had a photography studio at 42 South Main.[1]

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Behind the scenes

  • The directions for Hill Valley's streets can easily be deduced from the time of day and the direction of shadows cast. In the first film, Marty is seen skateboarding through town at 8:30 in the morning. On Earth, where Hill Valley is located, the sun seems to "rise" in the east in the morning as the planet rotates from west to east.  As the sun is "rising" behind the courthouse (in the east), the shadows point west, toward Main Street, which is on the west side of the Courthouse Square. Because Main Street is at a right angle in relation to the east-west axis, it is on a "north-south axis".

Notes and references

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