March 15 is the 74th day of the year.


Behind the scenes[]

  • 2021, Monday: Expedition: Back to the Future starring Josh Gates and Christopher Lloyd who seek to find surviving DeLorean vehicles, makes it's debut on the streaming service Discovery+.
  • Originally, the March 15, 1973 was to be divergent in a different way:
    • Normal timeline: On a stormy night, George McFly is critically injured in an automobile accident. The doctors at Hill Valley Community Hospital a mile away, opened just a month ago, are able to save his life.
    • Biffhorrific timeline: George dies as a result of his injuries from the automobile accident, as the County General hospital 5 miles away is inaccessible because the storm had washed out the Groby Road Bridge. The Hill Valley Community Hospital was never built as a result of Biff Tannen buying the land it was intended to be built on with his winnings from sports betting.