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'''March 30''' is the 89th day of the year.
The following events occurred on '''March 30'''.
==Real World==
===Real World===
*[[2007]]: ''[[Back to the Future: The Ride]]'' last ride at [[Universal Studios Florida]].
*'''[[1919]], Sunday''': [[Will Hare]] ([[Otis Peabody]]) is born in Elkins, West Virginia.
*'''[[1929]], Wednesday''': [[Richard Dysart]] ([[Barbwire salesman]]) is born in Boston, Massachusetts.
===Behind the scenes===
*'''[[2007]], Friday''': The day of the last ride of ''[[Back to the Future: The Ride]]'' at [[Universal Studios]] [[Florida]].
*'''[[2016]], Wednesday''': The [[Back to the Future: Continuum Conundrum 6|sixth issue]] of [[IDW Publishing|IDW's]] ''[[Back to the Future (IDW Publishing)|Back to the Future]]'' comic is released.

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March 30 is the 89th day of the year.


Real World

Behind the scenes

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